Our Customers

1- Advisor of the Central Bank of Iran in regulating cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions, and developing central bank strategy in Blockchain.

2- Technical and consultancy partner of Informatics Services Corporation (The most profound banking IT infrastructure provider in Iran) in Borna Project. Borna is an  Infrastructure based on Hyperledger Fabric.

3- Technical and consultancy partner of  Maskan Bank in developing its Blockchain strategy, developing the business and product of a supply chain finance solution in the construction industry in Iran.

4- Consultancy partner of Mellat Bank in developing its Blockchain strategy.

5- Advisor of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of Iran in evaluating the risks of cryptocurrencies and proper regulation.

6- Advisor of Center for Progress and Development of Iran (CPDI) in developing its Blockchain roadmap

7- Numbers of lectures and tutorials for managers and specialists in different sectors.